The history of engagement rings...find out who to blame!

Why do I have to buy a diamond in order to get engaged? How much should I spend on an engagement ring? Who made up these rules that I should spend "X" months salary? Why are diamonds so expensive? 

Diamond engagement rings are a tradition that dates back many many years. You'll find it interesting to learn what prehistoric cavemen did before the first diamonds were mined to commit to their loved ones. It is also pretty amazing to learn how diamonds become popular and gemstones of significant value (perceived or real).

Despite what some may believe there is truly no rule about how much someone "should" spend on an engagement ring. We always say, spend what you are comfortable spending and don't feel compelled or pressured to spend more. This is a significant purchase, one that should excite everyone involved.

Who is to blame for all of this diamond madness?! This story details the history of diamonds, how a local Philadelphia company helped DeBeers control the market, and the success of the famous tag line "a diamond is forever". 

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